Förnyelse och Tradition. Vi rustar dig för framtiden

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Senast uppdaterad 6 februari 2018

En högstadieskola att vara stolt över!

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Presentation in English

Presentation in english 
Our profile

Fribergaskolan is a Swedish school catering for 14-16 year-olds. Located some 7 km from the centre of Stockholm, the school is to be found in the economically prosperous district of Danderyd. 500 pupils receive their education at this prestigious establishment, which strives to help them achieve academic excellence in their final years of compulsory schooling.

We are proud of the ethos of Friberga, which is based on consideration for others, good behaviour and mutual respect.

We divide all students into seven independent and well-functioning tutor groups, in which the student is always our main concern.

We meet the different interests of students by offering three choices of course, with either a General, English-based or Maths/Science-based focus.

We help students develop their understanding of the basic values of democracy such as the equality of all human beings, through repeated discussions and themes.

We prepare students for active participation in community life by means of excursions into the world outside school.

We have a strong international profile and arrange exchange visits with schools in France, Spain, Germany and Latvia.

We offer special tuition, either individual or integrated, within the framework of the tutor groups.

We take care of students’ health with an extensive program of extra curricular activities as well as good wholesome school lunches prepared in our own kitchens.

We are a musical school, in which more than half our students are members of one of the school's three choirs.

We believe the home - school relationship to be extremely important. That is why we are now introducing a web based communication system, which allows staff, parents and students to follow schoolwork on a daily basis.

We take a stand against bullying and promote well-being through a network of staff, students and the anti-bullying group "Friends".

Our organisation can be summarised with the motto: ”Tradition and Advancement. We prepare you for the future"

Translated by Jane Lambourne and Christian O'Donnell

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